23 amazing South African facts 2

23 amazing South African facts

23 amazing South African facts 3

23 amazing South African facts 4

Take a trip to South Africa to see gorgeous animals like white lions and bungee jumps from the Bloukrans Bridge with friends!

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10. African penguin

In addition to the white lion, a penguin breed is native to South Africa and is expected to be extinct in 15 years. Due to the relatively short distance from South Africa to Antarctica, these birds have emigrated and enjoyed the adaptation to the living conditions on the beach, as we can see in this photo. These birds fish for anchovies and are known to eat squid and small crustaceans. These penguins are often the target of malicious predators from the various South African oceans. They are often eaten by orcas, sharks and large seals. You will then have to deal with predators on land such as mongooses, genets and caracals. Some scientists believe that they have had difficulty finding nutritious food sources because their main food source for anchovy has been extensively fished. Hopefully we will be able to keep these unique creatures alive.

9. The Palace of the Lost City

If you think Las Vegas resorts are good, consider the Palace of the Lost City. It is a remarkable feat of architecture and features specially crafted botanical jungles. With lavish pools, lakes, and hotel rooms, it would be an excellent place for a vacation in northwest Pretoria. Safaris are rightly on the list for most people who stay here.

8. South African Bungee Jumping

With the unique landscapes of South Africa, this is a mecca for bungee jumping fans. It is home to the world’s highest bungi jump at 710 feet. The Bloukrans Bridge is near Port Elizabeth and is probably a place you don’t want to go if you’re scared of heights. In this photo you can really see how high the bridge is and this experience will most likely not be forgotten so quickly.

7. Shipwrecks

There have been over 2000 shipwrecks on the South African coast in the past 500 years. The Cape of Good Hope takes its name from the dangerous waters that sailors and explorers would try to get around. People would hope that people could get past this section of the water without any problems. As we can see in this photo, it is a beautiful piece of land, but getting around is risky.

6. Rovos Rail

Considered the most luxurious trains to discover in Africa. Travelers can take a step back in time and travel like a royal safari enthusiast. They love adventurous landscapes, luxury, butlers, all the gourmet dishes prepared on the train and only the best wines grown in South Africa.

5. Meteor strike

South Africa has the oldest known crater and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Vredefort Dome is believed to be 4 billion years old and approximately 15 to 20 kilometers in diameter. Here in the photo you can see the size of this scar from the past.

4. South African

Although South Africa is a beautiful country, the recent trend to attack agricultural workers has unfortunately hit the country. Between 1994 and 2012, an astonishing 361,015 murders occurred. Farm owners seem to think this is racially motivated, although the government believes the main motive is robbery. Many farmers have armed themselves heavily to protect themselves from becoming statistics. Some have gathered on the streets hoping to spread the word.

3. Nobel Peace Prize laureates

South Africa has many progressive and influential personalities. But this unique country had two Nobel Peace Prize winners on the same street! Can you guess who they are Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu both had properties on Vilakazi Street in Soweto. Here we see a photo of Nelson Mandela’s house, which is now a museum.

2. Festivals

South Africa hosts some of the wildest and most colorful festivals. For example, the South African Africa Burn Festival was held in Karoo in the middle of the desert, as we can see in this photo. It is similar to the Burning Man Festival in northern Nevada, but has an African twist. 7 days of this event can be too much if you can survive. You can do just about anything.

1.Tape Mountain

Tape Mountain is the oldest surviving mountain in the world and has a richer biodiversity than some countries! With the 2285 plant species on this mountain, it has more than the entire country of the United Kingdom.


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  1. This video is factually so incorrect it is actually comical! After literally 17 seconds I decided to finish watching the video for the fun! Table Mountain pictured as Mafadi? Really? 🤣🤣 "Bantu" being the official language of the Zulu population! Not to mention Afrikaans being the official language of the Swazi tribe! I wish I had the time to go through this video step by step, sentence for sentence to correct you on everything! I would seriously like to hear from the author of this video. Your research is deplorable to say the least!
    If you can't make the assumption by now: I'm South African and this video is an insult to me, my nation and the image of our beautiful country. Oh and I'm Afrikaans and certainly not part of the Swazi tribe! 🤦‍♂️

  2. Got to number 16 and got sick of him pronouncing almost everything wrong.
    Some simple research would have given some respect to your video. It's like you've Googled this and then just read it off a page
    Part of me is offended

  3. The missionaries have a ha d time trying to convert them, trying to denounce their own religion. They have a spiritual God , that their ancestors worshipped. The missionaries should respect they're choice.

  4. My beautiful country! The first photo of the mountain is actually the famous Table Mountain,and not Mafadi. Since this video was published, hundreds and hundreds of farmers and their families were murdered,just because they are white.Its a shocking and heartbreaking fact!!!!!

  5. Listen kids….this guy is the poster child for the dumbing down of America. First “fact” he talks about he shows an image of the wrong mountain. Skip to next video!

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  7. So many mistakes. You start with the highest mountain which you had correct but then you show photo's of it and the photo's are actually of Table mountain. Shoe, so wrong! Then in you list of info in the video information section above, you list as 1. Tape mountain – Nooo, it is Table mountain which is part of Cape Town in the Western Cape Province.

  8. LOL , Oh well wat kan ons se ehehhe obviously bly hy nie hier of het actually tyd hier spandeer nie ehhehe ! Lyk my Ek is Swazi want ek's Afrikaans .. ehhe Wens ek het fit lank terug geweet

    Sorry Dude i'm gonna have to Disagree with your and dive you a Thumbs down , Maybe come back here and refresh your video with real facts

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