Africa: Zulu Empire - Diamonds in South Africa - Extra History - # 3 2

Africa: Zulu Empire – Diamonds in South Africa – Extra History – # 3

Africa: Zulu Empire - Diamonds in South Africa - Extra History - # 3 3

Africa: Zulu Empire - Diamonds in South Africa - Extra History - # 3 4

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Europe had been present in South Africa since 1652, but the colonies and indigenous tribes really started to clash in the 19th century. Napoleon’s conquest of the Netherlands had left the Dutch colonists in a state of limbo in which the British claimed authority over them, even though their home was ruled by the French. Many of these settlers, known as the Boers, moved inland to escape British oversight and crowded into Zulus-owned land. Mpande, the new Zulu leader, tried to maintain peace between the British and Boers, but the contracts he negotiated on both sides only led to further conflicts. Eventually, his son Cetshwayo peacefully took power over the Zulus when Europeans discovered diamonds in South Africa. The British government became even more interested in South Africa and attempted to bribe or force the hesitant natives to operate the diamond mines set up by European mining companies. Secretary of State Lord Carnarvon, who was responsible for the unification of the colonies in Canada, set himself the task of uniting the South African colonies and appointed Henry Bartle Frere as his governor and representative. Bartle Frere removed the local government from Cape Town, which was largely sympathetic to the indigenous peoples and opposed its strict unification policy, and then made tough and deliberately impossible demands against the Zulu. Cetshwayo refused to accept these demands and began the Anglo-Zulu War of 1879.

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30 thoughts on “Africa: Zulu Empire – Diamonds in South Africa – Extra History – # 3”

  1. wow this is so unfair im european ,but this is violent ,zulu people are trying to make peace while brithish are kiling,stealing. plus they later made milions of slaves.(sorrry for my english).

  2. This illigal invasion off the british and dutch created the imbalances of wealth and lands that really dont work for all the colors of SA. It also created this segregation offwhich indians where brought in and mix race children from malay and white and white and black that created malatoos. Today to get the wealth and lands work for all its a problem..SA wealth billion air list tells it all where The wealth was distributed in at and thanks Mandela for bringing in and supporting one black face in the list. SA needs to push harder get at least 5 more black billion airs to the list to see more of SA wealth shared fairly. Thats what the blacks want but Whites taking the earned profits invested in overseas investment portfolio claiming their money isnt safe to be spread to SA economy because now the transitional leadership is under blacks. First of all their parents created this bad environmemt of imbalances not empowerring the non whites and wealth really spread to the white communitues receiving welfare and income at an expense of the resources sold. Non whites shuved in townships and given limited resources to succeed if denied completely to achieve. To correct this mess the whites running SA from the farm lands to corporate to the transcoporations needs to open up and find a middle ground to work with the blacks inoder to see both improving SA economy than strife..the new generation is equal and just dont get it why they have to .be the one paying the price of selfishness..time has changed and the old farts needs to live it to the young both white and black to succeed..

  3. The term Boer comes from the English term Boor. This is because when the British first encountered the Boers in the Cape they were at war with the most beautiful and peaceful tribe the Khoisan. Till today the Boers remain Brutish. The word Boer used to be a derogative term till they accepted it since they had no choice.

  4. Name one group of people who have gone all over the world to cause wars and mess things up for other people, "British" subjects. From China, India, Africa including causing the civil war in America. They scream freedom and democracy and enslave the rest of the world. I am glad the current Zulu king, King Goodwill Zwelithini has a strong alliance with the Boers and this time their is no greedy human enslaving rotten potatoes to screw things up.

  5. Why did you have to waste time explaining European version side of the story? Our version is very short and on point. Europeans come to our land Afu-rika (Afrika) they bully the local community which had rules and laws in place. They broke all those laws & rules by murdering, torturing and manipulating the local sovereignty communities. They ended up owning the land, we (Afrikans) ended up being their slaves owning the bible till today.

  6. for fuck sake im going to say this one, Bo'ers is the south african afrikaans word for farmers, thus in an english translation they should be called "The Farmers" naming a new nation after pigs was not their intention man,

  7. Fun fact: Lord Canarvaron whatever funded the discovery of King Tut's tomb and mysteriously died after cutting an infected mosquito bite with a razor blade, setting up the Curse of the Pharoahs myth.

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