Africa: Zulu Empire - Shaka Zulu Becomes King - Extra Story - # 1 2

Africa: Zulu Empire – Shaka Zulu Becomes King – Extra Story – # 1

Africa: Zulu Empire - Shaka Zulu Becomes King - Extra Story - # 1 3

Africa: Zulu Empire - Shaka Zulu Becomes King - Extra Story - # 1 4

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Without written records from the Zulus, historians and anthropologists have compiled their history from an abundance of sources. We first learn about the Zulu as a small tribe of the Bantu who live in South Africa. Shaka Zulu, the man who organized her into an empire, was born the illegitimate son of a Zulu king. He was sent away with his mother Nandi to grow up in their tribe, the Langeni, but he eventually caught the eye of Dingiswayo, the leader of another powerful tribe called Mtethwa. Shaka, who was appointed leader of a squadron called Ibutho, developed new tactics, including a short “iklwa” combat spear and a simple but effective military maneuver called “Bull Horn”. When his father died, Shaka – now a successful military leader – returned with Dingiswayo’s support to murder the rightful heir and take control of his tribe. Just a year later, the neighboring tribe of the Ndwandwe Dingiswayo murdered and Shaka swore vengeance on their leader, Zwide. Then he started a bloody war, which in combination with the strains caused by European colonization led to Mefacane or Crushing.

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39 thoughts on “Africa: Zulu Empire – Shaka Zulu Becomes King – Extra Story – # 1”

  1. Yasiqhela wena smh🤦🏿‍♂️….zulus,Xhosa ,Sotho where very peaceful ppl, the only reason they clashed with other tribes was coz of colonization in north africa and the settlement of the Dutch in the cape colony in 1400s ,so they basically was enlarging their empire n military to fight ur forefathers……

  2. Shaka should getting struck by lightning bolt by zeus, so beauty of zulu philosopical war keep running, and war mere just a ritual hobby play, as zulu great culture, not close range massacre like ordinary war.

  3. Shaka Zulu … the man killed shot men as they were useless at the face of war and would lead to even more "weak" people born. he killed any man who showed love or compaction for anything as that would give them a reason not to die during war. he basically turned Zulu people into war machines

    ofcouse i can't confirm this to be true, but what i can confirm is that his mother's name was Nandi Mhlongo.

  4. I was actually taught this in my African school. Although your pronunciations (in my part of Africa, we say Tshaka, mm-fe-[tongue click]ane, nDin-ghi-swe-yo, etc. Please always seek help from natives for pronunciation help!)) did make me tilt my head every now and then, I didn't question it otherwise. Real, prestigious, highly educated schools are teaching this to students as fact.

  5. To all of those who railing about "lies" and etc in this video, please keep in mind this:
    First of all, as been said in first minutes of the video, this empire didn't have any historian documents so all information based on someoneelses words.
    Second, I've never heard about Zulu Empire. Geez, I've never heard about Zulu. But because of this video I learn something new and this made me wanna dig deeper in world's history and learn. Maybe everything said here is false, but you are a grown human who has acsses to world wide web and you can check information and have critical mind. So as said our lord and saviour Shia LaBeouf, just do it

  6. It a great fictional tale but it not the true history of our people. Real people died in these battles both black and white from all cultures. Everything African is undermined, but you cannot lie to us about our own history. The world is not just black and white, it is a wide spectrum of diversity. As Zulu people we respect your cultures and embrace them, all we ask is respect Indlovu-Enkulu UShaka KaSenzangakhona ( The Great Elephant KING SHAKA ).

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