Africa: Zulu Empire - The Wrath of Shaka Zulu - Extra Story - # 2 2

Africa: Zulu Empire – The Wrath of Shaka Zulu – Extra Story – # 2

Africa: Zulu Empire - The Wrath of Shaka Zulu - Extra Story - # 2 3

Africa: Zulu Empire - The Wrath of Shaka Zulu - Extra Story - # 2 4

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Shaka sought revenge for Dingiswayo on Zwide and the Ndwandwe. He expanded his control over the Mtethwa and other tribes and then launched his attack on the Ndwandwe. Shaka scored two devastating victories in the course of an eighteen month war, although Zwide had escaped both times. Shaka entered the main village of Ndwandwe, captured Zwide’s mother and burned her instead of her son. Shaka had won the war, but the people he drove out caused a wave of instability across Africa: the Mfecane or the Crushing. Shaka himself was dangerously upset when his mother died and he began to grieve his people. His brothers murdered him to ascend the throne, resulting in a new king: Dingane. Dingane started negotiating with the Dutch colonists in South Africa, but what started out as a friendly relationship turned into a betrayal when he turned them on. Dingane attacked her wagon train at the Battle of the Bloody River, but the Dutch stopped him with their weapons. The Dutch then supported Dingane’s last surviving brother, Mpande, who successfully overthrown him and became the new Zulu king.

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22 thoughts on “Africa: Zulu Empire – The Wrath of Shaka Zulu – Extra Story – # 2”

  1. Shaka to Julius: "yes I've heared of your play, tell me how does it end? Oh yes! You get stabbed many times by your friends"
    Also shaka: gets assassinated by his brothers

  2. interesting video! fun fact: bantu languages are weirdly similar to ANCIENT HEBREW (zulu included 😳)

    there’s a bantu youtuber who shows ALL the weird similarities between her bantu language and the hebrew language, its fascinating: 🇿🇲🇮🇱

  3. Im not tryna stir trouble but the people whobwrote this history were trying to paint the zulus as savage conquerors of land who ate up every tribe in sight where the evidence shows that the zulus were bigger than the average south african tribe but not as large as people say and was made up od refugees fleeing from portugeuse and british slavers.

  4. It a big foolish lie that Africans didn't fight brutal battles before Shaka. Pharaoh King Ramses II formed the greatest Egyptian Empire and blood was spilled, people fled this was hundreds of years before Shaka. This was an attempt by British historians to justify their mineral greed and deliberately set the native people against each other. Shaka was not crazy, he unified more than 120 tribes, some of these things are pure mad lies. Imfecane was not caused by Shaka it was caused by a big natural drought that happened around the same time where people battled for the small remains of water and grazing land. It ended up forming a greater unified Southern Africa as people began to group themselves together to survive and share the remaining resources. Shaka helped to bring stability that how his fame grew and his empire grew, kings came from far and wide to pay tribute and join the union Kings such as Chiliza, Mkhize, Bhengu ect. He was smart, wise and brave and a true leader loved by his people that is evidence till this day as we celebrate Heritage day in memory of his passing. Why would we do that coz history is a lie.

  5. If Shaka’s brother’s didn’t betray him I don’t think there was gonna be apartheid because Shaka was a clever commander with strategies while his brother’s were fools there were more into trading and liking things ended up selling the land over a mirror and guns of which they didn’t even know how to operate them, They saw that Shaka is clever that’s why just before he was betrayed Westerns tried but he refused, they ended up introducing Jesus to him but still He said he’s the only king of kings 😅 who know maybe Whites went behind his back to Dingane to plan his death 🤷🏽‍♂️ there’s a lot behind this story not just only this info

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