African American Calendar, Inspirational Quotes, 2020 2

African American Calendar, Inspirational Quotes, 2020

African American Calendar, Inspirational Quotes, 2020 3

African American Calendar, Inspirational Quotes, 2020 4

MOTIVATE & INSPIRE – Our calendar strengthens your self-confidence and strengthens your spirit. It contains a compilation of inspiring messages created for all African American teenagers, girls and women.

MARKS RENOWNED AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMEN’S BIRTHDAYS – Celebrate the legacy and work of accomplished African American women. In our calendar you will find interesting symbols and their birthdays.

Empowerment Through History – Never Forget Afro-American Holidays! With our beautiful inspirational calendar, you’ll be reminded of important events that determine the legacy of black history.

DAILY EMOTIONAL SUPPORT – Much more than just a calendar! With bold messages of encouragement, our pages and illustrations will help inspire you and create positive vibrations in your life.

OFFERS RICH, CULTURAL REPRESENTATION – Representation so important for girls! Our 2020 calendar gives little black girls the chance to see themselves, celebrated for being unique!
Is it difficult to find an inspiring calendar for your little girl?

Perhaps you know a girl who struggles with self-love and self-confidence. They want to help, but there are few gifts and resources for them.

Helping a friend, daughter, niece, or student with low self-esteem and confidence can be difficult. It becomes even more difficult when trying to help African American girls because black teenagers and girls are very underrepresented and there are not enough ways to really celebrate their uniqueness and heritage.

Our Pincurl Girls African American Calendar 2020 is here for you!

Black girls need more representation! For this reason, the Pincurl Girls Inspiration Quotes calendar was created. We want to share good mood and strength with all black women and girls who need a few encouraging words. As a bonus, you and your little girl can register to receive free inspirational texts every day. These messages are broadcast at different times of the day, like a pocket-sized cheerleader reminding you that you have something on you!

We want to promote inclusiveness and diversity as well as self-love and pride by illustrating and depicting colorful and unique black girls.

This calendar helps you and your family get back in touch with your culture and roots by allowing you to keep an eye on the African American holidays!

In this calendar, further advantages are waiting for you:

✅ 20% of all sales go to the Pincurl Girl Scholarship Fund
✅ Our company is run by entrepreneurial women
✅ Comes with a matching gift envelope to preserve your calendar
✅ 12 “x 12”, ready to hang, hole in the calendar with rivets

Live proud and inspired every day. Add the Pincurl Girls African American Calendar 2020 to your cart today! ,


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