African American Invention and How to Advance America 2

African American Invention and How to Advance America

African American Invention and How to Advance America 3

African American Invention and How to Advance America 4

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Some of the inventions that African Americans created in America and their contribution to the further development of America

If you think it’s wrong, get a copy of the DVD and prove it.


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48 thoughts on “African American Invention and How to Advance America”

  1. They don't want to tell the truth because they know the Land legally belongs to us. Stop calling us Africans…We are Native Americans! People keep talking about Afrikaans shipped here by Boats…first of all, White Europeans were too broke to accommodate that lie, but if it were true……WHERE ARE THE BOATS NOW? CHECK OUT DANE CALLOWAY. He has documents proving only 23 Afrikaans were bought to Turtle Island (America)!

  2. Just because they got us from Africa doesn't mean we Africans we are from Judah Israel is our Land they ran us out we went to Africa stop saying African American they named you like a dog if United States change their name to assholes would you be called African assholes

  3. They shall surely pay for all the atrocities they have done unto us!!!! Revelation 13:10 He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity: he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here are the patience and faith of the saints.

  4. Dont always believe what people tell you on Youtube or the internet. A lot of history are found in sources on paper. Anyone can change anything to fit their narrative. Read a book if you want a history lesson

  5. What a joke, yes being white there is definitely bias towards Europe but today we're forced to agree that many civilizations developed mathematics and science, despite of my bias I am ready to give credit to many inventions of Middle East, Indian, Chinese, Japan, even ancient Mayans without whom modern advancement is not possible but when it comes to Africa I'm sorry there's nothing to give credit for 😂, most of them are tribals way up to colonisation. Accept your true histroy instead of making all these fake claims.

  6. Rocky Marciano really did exist. And there are many other false claims made in this documentary. You don't need to compete with the whiteman for the glory of tech inventions. There is no contest. But there is something else Africans can claim Glory for, and I'm sure you don't wanna go there

  7. Okay I am absolutely 100% sure that all human beings within each and every group of description who live together within a human society will eventually develop mechanical machines and creative processes to help people's lives become less stressful and more productive.

  8. Wow. Really wonder why things like this is not taught in American schools. As an American of African descent, you can bet that I'll be spending a lot of time researching. Thank God for the PC, and Google.

  9. if this was about white americans, you f king blacks will be crying diversity and or racism. stfu about African this and African that….

  10. The problem with this video is the historians don't know this is ancient Egypt and these so called Africa people were aboriginal Americans except those European negroes.

  11. This is something that wikibullsh+t won't even mention, but as a french-Canadian, I'm proud to say that it was in my city, Montréal, in Québec, that for the first time in history, a black man played a professional game alongside whites.Jackie Robinson played his first professional baseball game playing with the Montréal Royals.! There is a statue of that baseball champion right where the homeplate was situated. The ball park is gone, now. Condos of course, what else could it be? Smh….The Royals, the ballpark, the fans, the old days, they're all gone now… But Jackie Robinson remains!

    Up next: The Chase…a Jackie Robinson anecdote, 
    written in broken english by yours truly

  12. It's not that blacks won;t's that you should get paid according to the amount and quality of the work one does! Standing back and watching someone work,…isn't work …,that's overseeing! Put your hands on work and just don't talk a good one!

  13. I hear…there is legitimate cause to believe our human
    ingenuity was birthed in extreme labor. The pressure that meets the need and the tick-tock of expectation is all intelligence needs to ponder creative possibilities and make them manifest.

  14. Not everyone is an artists, and drawing is done by artists. People of various colors eat watermelon. So these guys never heard of The Klitschko Brothers from Ukraine that became heavy weight boxing champions and were champions for years?

  15. Total BS. Get real..just because "aunt" so an so's fat behind was used on the label does NOT mean she discovered, invented, designed ANYTHING..ETC…just like the black guy selling cut greenwood who tried claiming he "taught" "his recipe" to the jack Daniels founders..get real again…a nobody selling firewood to the guys at their still in Tennessee whos ENTIRE lives had been spent making whiskey, and whos ENTIRE FAMILY, dads, grandads, cousins, and uncles Generations back had been distillers.. of what? ..WHISKEY. Get real again.. You have. ANY idea how many clowns yapped after ww2 for medals…after false letters home claiming to be "hero" of this or that? ..Thousands. And Every tater peeling, broom pushing, gas pouring, hash slinging, ditch digging, truck driving one of them was just WRONG ..along with bs claims for distinguished service.."because "that guy" got one and i was in the same battalion"..blah blah blah.
    Ex., Difference is the one was in a group scrapping ice off a road being used as a temp P-38 runway while the other had just been raked an chewed to chunks by an m42 machine gun across his chest right as he threw a satchel that killed the 9 nazis holding down the 4th infantry's advance…HUGE difference.
    In mid 66, after each county an state reported back, and after directions from president johnson as part of his "great society" ..the sect of Education sent people across the US to explain the situation w negros to church groups, pta's…civic groups..american legions..elks clubs..etc The us gvmt was asking white tax payers to go along and support its effort and new program to "assist this poor race";."who are obviously comfortable in their stagnant and impoverished condition, as observed yr after yr in every state and county the reside";
    .." TO ASSIST enough to where even the (least able) have a chance at education..enough to make them employable with a goal to make them decent honest neighbors and dependable, loyal, tax paying US citizens.. off the county and state relief programs which were designed as temporary help for the elderly, disabled and those poor effected by disaster.." etc.
    Folks constantly zeroing in on the old..already proven to be wrong assertions of the past are blinding a people who white taxpayers since the 60s have spent uncountable MEGA- $BILLIONS on trying to give a path to a better life
    BUT every year since..complaints, fingerpointing,.. admissions for victimhood, against and for this or that…have increased from the ridiculous to the point of the last decades absolute insanity…
    The proper path would be utilizing the education provided to build strengthen not only yourselves but the entire family of americans; proving to those who provided and participated that their time, effort, prayers, hopes, and all that wealth wasnt just wasted.

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