Black history before slavery? 2

Black history before slavery?

Black history before slavery? 3

Black history before slavery? 4

This video exposes the message in the title.

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32 thoughts on “Black history before slavery?”

  1. History is written by the victors. White people pretty much whitewashed all history. I mean they made Jesus Christ, a person from the middle east, a blonde haired blue eyed white guy. Stop that shit

  2. 1:25 yeah, that's because those places are interesting. All Africans had was dancing around a fire with their dicks dangling in the wind, and cannibal tribes.
    Black people know their culture sucks, and that's why they appropriate other people's culture, like the Black Hebrew Israelites.
    Now there are black people claiming ancient Greeks were black.

  3. It's not "whitewashing", it's that school can't focus on everybody's ancestral history, so it focuses on the history of the establishment of the United States, starting with how the Greeks codified various ideas from the civilizations of the Near East into a uniform Philosophy.
    It's not "ethnocentricism" that did t, but Economy of Space in School Classes, come ON!!!

  4. bro.
    In school, Your History is AMERICAN history.
    I don't feel victimized when I am left to learn about my Russian heritage on my own. We are ALL taught our AMERICAN history in school, which STARTS IN GREECE.

  5. The reason African history is not taught in schools is because of a lack of writing. You were also not taught much about Minoan history, because they also didn't leave writings. Same with most native American groups and Australian Aboriginals. We know next to nothing about the "linear B Greek culture" because we have almost nothing of their writing other than a few administrative texts. We would love to know what the history is but we don't have any writings. Archaeology is not enough to create history and even with Archaeology you need to have materials that survive the passage of time such as stone.

    All this garbage about white people ignoring/hiding black history is racist paranoia.
    Just because some white people are racist doesn't mean they all are and if you can't accept that then YOU are racist. Nobody is stopping anyone from going and digging up African history.

  6. Of course Africa is the cradle of civilization. They created language, arts, sciences, everything. And gave it to the rest of the world peoples which you created as well.

    From a non-black or white perspective. The world needs to know this and to love and respect our black brothers and sisters to the utmost.

  7. Bro you sound stupid. African Americans are not African hell Africans are not African. I
    You claim you study but you don't mention the true name of the continent. My family always been in the western hemisphere so do the math. If you believe that you have all these different nationalities in you you are misinformed

  8. I am searching for our civilization before slavery and I found you. I was hoping Sierra Leone was in your DNA, Mali took you. I am a fan.
    I want us to tell our story, and you are doing it.

  9. Were not even mentioned in Global historic Sciectific achievement books, Europeans in European and North America, Middle East, South America, and Asia but not Africa. They Mention Egypt but briefly with no picture of their people.

  10. I do not hate whites at all. I love all racist. I have Caucasian friends. But white Jesus is a facade. Any body who read the Bible knows Jesus is black, god is black, Moses was black, Adam and Eve was black. White Jesus was named Cesar Altizer. He was a racist, killer, and everything else. Leonardo painted him in the image of the Lord. An back in the day whites ran with it. An y'all blacks the way you are go to church but still don't know yo Bible. Wake up black ppl.

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