1. I’m American and chose to watch this out of interest. It makes me realize the US was sooooooooooo behind. OMG. These the exact reasons y I wanna move to Canada. Like we still have racial issues, it’s a shame like in the 1960s was only wen America started to get they sh*t together. I CANNOT wait to become Canadian. Y’all country the Goat fr ❤️

  2. I am a Black American I have been researching the history of Black in Canada. I always thought Blacks in Canada had it easier than us but I see that they experienced racism also. Thanks for the post.

  3. History of a disgusting white Albino country. From past to present. Native Canadians are forced to sell land to Europeans. Black interpreters Aid in the quest to gain land and resources by working as a translator. Africans sell more free workers or labour to aid in European canadians survival. Things get worse and dirty birdshit skinned Albinos encroach on native land. They begin to succumb to their diseases through trade and sex. THE END.

  4. So alot of black Canadians descend from Afro Americans ( From the South ) who escaped from danger in di US ( escaped slaves and Black American slaves who became loyalist by joining the British wit di promise of becoming freed ) , Afro Caribbean’s, and then Ppl from Africa immigrated and mixed in wit each other? Is that what black Canadians are or can somebody tell me how it really is?

  5. the 14,000 year old excavation at triquet island, the first hockey players in the world.. with all the evidence, they might need a further timeline for blacks in canada.. it may just be their land and they tryn to hide it from everybody..

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