Black woman wins Chinese speech contest * English subtitles * 2

Black woman wins Chinese speech contest * English subtitles *

Black woman wins Chinese speech contest * English subtitles * 3

Black woman wins Chinese speech contest * English subtitles * 4

Would you like to learn how to make such great speeches in a foreign language? At you can learn more about Diana Watson (唐華瑄) and the challenging adventures of public speaking in foreign languages. Diana has written a book called The Speaking Seed that contains tips for improving your oral communication skills in foreign languages. The Speaking Seed book will be published on Amazon in August! Stay tuned…

Diana Watson (唐華瑄) is the first foreigner to beat all native Mandarin speakers in a Toastmasters Mandarin language competition. Her speech, “Am I strange?” Is a humorous speech that teaches how not to make assumptions about how you look and accepts everyone’s unique characteristics. This year Diana launched “The Speaking Seed”, which focuses on public speaking in foreign languages ​​after this original video went viral in Asia ( ,


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21 thoughts on “Black woman wins Chinese speech contest * English subtitles *”

  1. I just started studying MANDARIN last month. I was curious to see black people speaking Chinese and I came across your video. This is so motivational.

    The more I learn,the more serious I take it .

    I never considered visiting China.

    I only wanted to watch my Asian dramas without subtitles.😞🤦🏾‍♀️

    Now,I want to visit, stay for at least three months , write a short story, sing a song, act in a short film- I'm growing to love and appreciate the culture. The good, the bad and the ugly.

    Thanks for sharing your post because it's inspiring and congrats on your win.❤️❣️

  2. You’re amazing. I’m having a child and I’m thinking of giving him/her some mandarin classes at an early age. The only issue that I’m having is that he or she might be learning Créole (our native tongue 🇭🇹 ), French and English (We live in Canada 🇨🇦).

    So I don’t know if learning a fourth language might be too overwhelming for a toddler!?

  3. I am your biggest fan! OMG, I am preparing for a speaking contest and I found your video. I got so inspired by all your attitude and creativity. I hope my Chinese can improve as yours did! I truly congratulate you!!

  4. What a very unique concept. I used to teach English at a university in China and really appreciate the power of public speaking. I did it everyday for a living. I'm so glad to see more women of color taking an interest in learning Chinese. Keep putting out this great content. You're an inspiration.

  5. thanks for sayin all of that and raising a flag of black people…
    i usually get random similar qiguai questions from the locals too, but i find the locals are qiguai instead askin me these kinda questions😂

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