Eric Thomas - GET UP & HIT BACK (Eric Thomas Motivation) 2

Eric Thomas – GET UP & HIT BACK (Eric Thomas Motivation)

Eric Thomas - GET UP & HIT BACK (Eric Thomas Motivation) 3

Eric Thomas - GET UP & HIT BACK (Eric Thomas Motivation) 4

Eric Thomas motivational speech!

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29 thoughts on “Eric Thomas – GET UP & HIT BACK (Eric Thomas Motivation)”

  1. One of the most powerful things is seeing everyone in the comments help pollinate someone else’s flower we’re all in this fight together help make someone smile everyday money is good for the bills joy is good for the soul

  2. whatever is hurting you or whatever you are constantly stressing about is about to get better. the dark thoughts you are having , the overthinking, and the doubt , exit that out your mind right now. clarity is about to replace confusion. And peace and calmness is about fill your life.

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  3. Showed my son this tonight. 10 years old and wants to be a YouTuber. He loved the message, and it seemed to hit home. Still trying to work on looking at the dream versus the paycheck. That will come in time! Thank you for the great motivation.

  4. Thank you for answering Gods pre written script, that you have and are catching up too, that has inspired so many lives, especially mine as a christian speaker consultant and author. I am awoke my brother riding this wisdom into my future. Look into Dragon Herb tea for your wife's MS, its wonderful for the immune system brother ET. God bless

  5. I started listening to ET a week ago I don’t even know how I came across him but ever morning I listen to him when he m driving and just b4 bed in one week he’s made me think in a whole different way thanks ET

  6. 2nd day going strong off heroin.. it's been hell but I woke up at 4:40am, cause I can't sleep cause of withdrawal but I got up and ran at 5am, came back ate, started lifting weights at 10am, pushups at 11, I haven't done this for months! BUT I WILL NOT QUIT!

  7. As We are preparing for the Seventh Year of our Concert- I am pushing !!! We Are Pushing!! I’m using this “ Getbup and Hit Back” thought to help motivate us to ‘GET UP AND RUN ‘ the theme of our Love Concert


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