ERIC THOMAS | YOU owe you | Motivating speaker

ERIC THOMAS | YOU owe you | Motivating speaker

ERIC THOMAS | YOU owe you | Motivating speaker


ERIC THOMAS | YOU owe you | Motivating speaker 1

Do you know what you want What do you want in your marriage, your money, your health?

Eric Thomas, the world’s leading motivational speaker, delivers one of the most motivating speeches ever!

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#NoMoreSurvivalMode | Eric Thomas in conversation with AT&T and his Harbor Solar employees. This is part 1 of a 3 part series.

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34 thoughts on “ERIC THOMAS | YOU owe you | Motivating speaker”

  1. This video was much needed . I dedicated 21 days to myself . No social media. No nothing but being focused. Within those 21 days i purchased my LLC for my business 💜thanks ET

  2. I can’t believe people still can’t see the
    “one Eye” on his hat…. yeah it looks like a man fighting out of a circle… but look carefully, it’s an all seeing EYE… wake up…

  3. I owe everything to myself I owe myself to live the life in which I visioned. Thanhk you et, for continue to feed the internal systems of humanity. This video is 4 years old, but it is a recent upload every time I listen and internalized this passion from
    E. Love you Eric Thomas.

  4. How about those, at the age of 23 who don't know thier goals, their ambitions. Do You have any spech For them….

    Just has enthusiasms, energetic personality, little bit arrogant attitude …

    If you could make any video on that case. I don't know about others but minimum i Could change my self .. Not getting interest at any field.. but willing to do something badly. But Yes, want to be rich. I don't know how to fight for it !!!

  5. My child's coach sent me this and said he was gonna show it to the kids today at practice because they have their first game tomorrow. Well now I've liked subscribed and will be listening to this everyday for my damnself. Lol.

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