Haitian Revolutions: World History Crash Course # 30 2

Haitian Revolutions: World History Crash Course # 30

Haitian Revolutions: World History Crash Course # 30 3

Haitian Revolutions: World History Crash Course # 30 4

Ideas like freedom, freedom, and self-determination were a hot topic in the late 18th century, as our recent revolutionary videos show. Although freedom broke out everywhere, many of the societies that promoted these ideas relied on slave labor. Few places in the world depended so heavily on slave labor as Saint-Domingue, France’s most profitable colony. Almost 90% of the population of Saint-Domingue were slaves and in 1789 they could not help but hear about the revolution in France. All conversations about freedom, equality, and fraternity sound pretty good to a person in bondage, and so the slaves rebelled. This led to not one but two revolutions and made France, the rebels, Britain and Spain all fight on the territory. Spoiler alert: the slaves have won. How did the Haitian slaves throw the yoke of one of the world’s great empires? John Green tells how they did it and what it meant in Haiti and the rest of the world.

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35 thoughts on “Haitian Revolutions: World History Crash Course # 30”

  1. So where is the mention of the racial violence and genocidal massacres that occured? No mention about how the Haitian leadership forced their own people back to work or the rampant and near total destruction of the infrastructure during the war. What about the fact that the revolution caused an entrenchment of slavery in the American south which increased the chance of a civil war? Should also be mentioned that Haitian leaders had zero issue playing the cruel game of international politics just like any colonizer

  2. While I didn't learn everything there is to know about Haiti in 12 minutes (Crash Course History always disappointing me!) I did learn that Haiti is way more interesting than I could have imagined and it and I will make it a point to learn more.

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