& # 39; I can't lead with Bullsh * t: Viola Davis & # 39; Powerful speech that addresses black female representation 2

& # 39; I can’t lead with Bullsh * t: Viola Davis & # 39; Powerful speech that addresses black female representation

& # 39; I can't lead with Bullsh * t: Viola Davis & # 39; Powerful speech that addresses black female representation 3

& # 39; I can't lead with Bullsh * t: Viola Davis & # 39; Powerful speech that addresses black female representation 4

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The Hollywood reporter held a breakfast in honor of Women in Entertainment. Viola Davis received the Sherry Lansing Leadership Award.

During her acceptance speech, she courageously campaigned for women in Hollywood. Davis said to those present, “I was tired of watching movies without myself, and I don’t mean myself – Viola – I mean myself as a black woman.”

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23 thoughts on “& # 39; I can’t lead with Bullsh * t: Viola Davis & # 39; Powerful speech that addresses black female representation”

  1. To all you BM complaining about Viola only working with WM in acting roles: hope you feel the same way about BM co-starring with WW as well. Damn near all BM actors pair with WW for acting roles as well as marrying WW in real life!! Brothers can dish it out but you sure as hell can't take it in- LOL. Afterall,, BM started this interracial, movie agenda not WM because majority BM wanted to co-star with WW only. I honestly don't want to hear any complaints from you brothers- you don't have a right to.

  2. I get it realizing that black women are never portrayed as "soft sexy"… desirable…or as the prize. For example NAME one movie where a black woman had a soft sexy role near a Sharon Stone in a Basic Instinct; or a desirable romantic role anywhere near a Cate Blanchett in a Benjamin Buttons; Django, sadly but somewhat appreciated, this movie is a "save your woman" role under a light that's positive but flickering for example, what or how many movies portrays a white as a "Cave Man degrading struggling and surviving type" other than Clan of the Cave Bear?? And it still had softness, desirability, etc. Black women can do slavery but white women can't do real cave manish–lest its comedy?? Even in the television series like WEEDS, about an unemployed single white chic w two BOYS (really??) and she sells weed as her only means of income. Look at the house she lives in, though! Even her struggles were nice bullshit! The series positively stimulates making you desire her illegal lifestyle. She lived around honest money making people for her to be a drug dealer, geesh! Now if the character was a black woman she would look poverished going thru some challenging low down super undesirable hood shit IN THE HOOD w predator nothing as neighbors that subliminally asks, no, WARNS "Is This The Life You Reeeeeally want??" I could go on and on but I just realized that no, we are not soft, desirable or the prize, etc in no Hollywood flicks! Big ups to Quentin Tarantino and Clint Eastwood, though.

  3. Ms. Davis, please make a movie about BESSIE COLEMAN, 1st Woman Aviator(not earhart) & Three Mousketeers, Man in
    the Iron Mask, Count of Monte Cristo, movies with ALL African American cast because Writer, Alexandre DuMas was Black
    (& French caucasian) & very proud his African Heritage. The actors have ALWAYS been caucasian – played in these movies,
    Mr. DuMas wrote stories – some of them based on His Own Adventurous Life -You'd have HIS BLESSINGS.

  4. This is the first video I've watched and questioned the statements!

    How is this beautiful womanof color struggling to express her opinion about such an amazing, jaw dropping in your face R E S P E C T me LESSON on basically silencing & misrepresenting US across ALL PLATFORMS OF ENTERTAINMENT & MEDIA!

    As i watched her fumble to express her thoughts, I'm asking, "If she can relate to Viola, then why is her thoughts/sentences fumbling?"

    This, in my opinion, was a carefully calculated/rehearsed blanket statement that opened the floor for the MEN to weigh in on us. No disrespect to the young lady! I just chalked it up to FaceTime nerves and time restraints!

    Her speech has so much TRUTH and WISDOM! I pray for her and her loved ones safety, career, and credibility because WE POC ARE STILL UNDER ATTACK by hateful people who are unnecessarily insecurewithin themselves because THEY ARE NOT US! It's just that simple! They are STILL RAPING/KILLING/ENSLAVING/ABUSING us, But NOW THROUGH ENTERTAINMENT & EMPLOYMENT!

    I pray for her, her loved ones, and people of color specifically in the Mighty Name of Jesus that we don't lose sight of the True Prize & Award that can only be attained through faith in Jesus Christ!

    Wake up kings and queens
    Rise up kings and queens
    Stand up kings and queens
    Stand out out kings and queens
    Spread love kings and queens
    Spread hope kings and queens
    Keep pressing kings and queens
    Keep smiling kings and queens

    We are the change we need!

  5. Billy D. Williams once said " Hollywood dont wanna put BM in leading roles doing love sceens in movies " because the wm cant handle that. And bw cant handle it either when the bm's leading lady is non black, thats why Netflix's Luke Cage was condemned because Mike Colter's love interest was non blk.

    But when Viola Davis does it, bw's attitude is you go girl do your thing, we bw are strong and beautiful. Why its just acting. And if its just acting then why are images that feature bm in leading roles with white or non bw condemned like Will Smith's movie Hitched was because Eva Mendez was the leading lady? And both bw and wm attacked and boycotted that IR bm & ww couple featured in that Cherrios Commercial awhile back, while Scandal was bw's #1 TV show then.

    When bm are in the leading role and the love interest are non bw you'll never hear the term, " its just acting"

    Why is that?…….lol

  6. I just Love my sister Viola Davis. I've seen her at our Womens Empowerment here in Raleigh NC and the QUEEN was Phenomenal! She spoke/ speaks from her heart, where that's a scrared place. She's speaking/ speaks to our youth, and the women of today of what happened years ago to what's going on today. I'm proud to see genuine celebrities speak out, bc we're in some turbulence times. Much Love and Feathers Up…

  7. Please show the clip first always always always lead with showing the clip not point of view first.. kills free thought when any segment begins with point of view .. although we have the choice to search and listen to the clip prior to coming to this channel; however there are those of us who exist, who love coming here..I’ve been working hard on my business and restoring my family values so I have not been up to date with any other important content.. brb πŸƒπŸΎβ€β™€οΈπŸƒπŸΎβ€β™€οΈπŸƒπŸΎβ€β™€οΈhave to Listen to what Viola Davis said so I can be up to speed with the commentary and enjoy my thought simultaneously…I try to avoid moments that can inadvertently tell me how to think and that’s what happens when the point of view is heard first


  9. To me for her to participate in these award shows it just doesn’t sit right. Nothing wrong with getting your money, it’s just so much going on as far as the award shows,I’m on the fence none the less happy for her works and proud just wish we had our own platform that our people of all COLOR the brown hue type that is taken seriously other than black girls rock.

  10. Roland Martin: you sir, are a blatant racist. Stop playing the damn victim. Literally everything about you is wrong. You try to convince the entire world that 100% of white people are racist and that 100% of black people are victims. Stop. Just stop. If ANY white man were to do the same bullshit that you do but they did it for white people you would call that man a racist. But yet it's okay for you to do what you do. In short, go fuck yourself.

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