* Inspirational speech * Run Black Boy Run! 2

* Inspirational speech * Run Black Boy Run!

* Inspirational speech * Run Black Boy Run! 3

* Inspirational speech * Run Black Boy Run! 4

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21 thoughts on “* Inspirational speech * Run Black Boy Run!”

  1. Altho I love the message as a whole and his enthusiasm, his facts are off. How is he gonna talk about being that many paces behind and in the same speech bring up Jordans and hip hop when those are some of the biggest factors holding black people back. Not to mention the fact he is talking to “his son” when its a fact that most black children dont have thier fathers in thier life to tell them that? I love when black people try to divide us by just black and white when MANY white people are in the same ghettos and situations you’re in…some maybe worse. If you’re gonna say anyone has priviledge or anyone has that many “paces” ahead, its the RICH people. And not even rich “white” people…cuz there are plenty of rich blacks as well. A rich black person or a kid born into a rich black family has more priviledge and opertunity in this world than any middle class or poor family of any race in this world. Most white people arent rich. Most white people have the same oppertunities as any black does. The differents between THESE white people and black people are alot of the fathers stick around and they dont have people in thier lives constantly making excuses on why they cant and wont make it. In 2019 blacks can do anything uf they work for it. As long as you graduate high school, dont have babies out of wedlock, get and keep a job and dont spend your money on needless things…you will do just fine! FACTS!!!

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