Lord Jamar: The first Africans were tricked and not forced into slavery 2

Lord Jamar: The first Africans were tricked and not forced into slavery

Lord Jamar: The first Africans were tricked and not forced into slavery 3

Lord Jamar: The first Africans were tricked and not forced into slavery 4

The frequent VladTV employee Lord Jamar is back and dissects Ben Carson’s decision to label African slaves as American immigrants. Jamar argues that early African slaves were tempted to slavery by Europeans who promised them a better life in the Americans and were not forced to do so. LJ therefore claims that early slaves have an immigration mentality. Vlad and Lord Jamar continue to talk about Emmett Till and the role of the mass media in social change. Look up. ,


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37 thoughts on “Lord Jamar: The first Africans were tricked and not forced into slavery”

  1. First off it wasn't a billion people in Africa back then and second a lot Africans fought for many decades Superior wepontry made Europe rulers of the world even to this very day America has the best military in the world only when the gun was invented do you hear about enslavement on a worldly stage from Africa to India to Australia to the Americas ,Africans was only brought to the Americas after the Indians was almost a annihilated religion was also a form of walfare used by Europeans to enslave the minds of millions of people Africans turned to Christianity and islam those who remained true to African traditional spiritual beliefs was regarded as the enemy and attacked on all fronts by outsiders and own countrymen (Teach)

  2. Black people are still here as Captives of New Forms of Slavery. Poverty, Slums and No Economic Power.IF We. were Tricked or taken by Force Does not matter. Demand Reparations.

  3. The slave trade existed in Africa long before Europeans came. Also he says they didn’t know about the gold? Lol mansa musa became ojne of the wealthiest people of all time selling that gold and slaves. There was no misunderstanding blacks sold there own people into slavery to the highest bidder nobody other than blacks said whites went in and stole people, it was riots that pushed that false narrative, the false narrative always comes from ignorant blacks people who was to excuse the fact they were in chains thanks to other blacks selling Them they were sold to other blacks for millennia then to Arabs for centuries before whites ever came to Africa and whites saw the slave markets I. Africa and said we’ll have a piece of that and paid kore than both the Africans or Arabs it was Africa who made those blacks commodities.

  4. The reason why other Africans didn't help was because they was already at war with each other and white people knew that when they came to visit and was giving them weapons in exchange for POW

  5. Ben carden doesnt getbthebfesowct he deserves. Being im from Baltimore I get to hear how much he does for people. He is known as the number 1 brain surgeons in the world..he is a legend at johns Hopkins and Maryland

  6. Where are they getting history from ??? Our problem as negroes is that we dont conduct research, but do I believe we were tricked into slavery … No way !! Was our ancestors kidnapped, no way !! When you conduct your research , you will find out that the White man had Slave foot soldiers that carried out razzias on different Negro tribes… Negro tribes had no standing armies, but other groups were war like tribes with standing armies, they raided Negro tribes for slaves !! Till this day the slave foot soldiers are still ruling West Africa, terrorizing Negroes that still live with them !! This is way deeper than we can imagine…. We are still under the clutches of enemies past , and are still enemies present !! Please conduct your own research before making statements like we were tricked into slavery !!

  7. Just because Africans are black that doesn't mean they are the same people. You have different nationalities and ethnic groups on the African continent. Just like you have different nationalities and ethnic groups in Europe. Because a person is white doesn't mean they have the same nationality or ethnicity.

  8. Lord jamar can't be this stupid! You gotta be a agent. Only an agent would leave out Dum Diversas, and all the Bulls of the Catholic Church that authorised enslavement of saracens, indigenous people and africans. Perpetual slavery! Damn youtube is full of agents.

  9. Blacks are way stronger than black people especially when we band together..slavery was a trade literally at first! Africans traded their minerals to the whites and whites just took advantage of their trust and got greedy.

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