Motivation for black women 2

Motivation for black women

Motivation for black women 3

Motivation for black women 4
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18 thoughts on “Motivation for black women”

  1. @MIRRORMIRRORTV Yeah, seems like there's no effort even when trying to beguile a black woman. But we are to blame too, I mean collectively. Because men know we are in competition with each other, they use our our lack of sisterhood to manipulate. thanks for watching, spread the word.

  2. @TheAestheticStorm Wow sis, that touches me really. Some of us have to be an army of One. Actually u are not alone in the fact that you never been complimented by a black man We allow them to deal with us harshly. We always get what we deserve(in a sense) If the vibration matches , we attract it. Now, the question is: Do u think your beautiful/ugly? Why? or Why Not? Lets talk about the evidence behind what u feel about u.

  3. I wanted to come out of a bag when I first saw the video and I have never been told I was beautiful by a black man; but only ill words that I will not repeat. I defend myself with protest because I know who I am today. But the whole time it still hurts that my man had called me these things; my brother; my father. I need healing and I thank you Sistar.

  4. U know, I see so many beautiful sisters, no matter the shade, size, shape, or grade of hair, i don't know why we think we need someonelse's approval and or acceptance. we are the true strong women. doesn't mean rude or mean, but strong, smart, intelligent, and independant, wish we would all embrace it, we have enough negativity in this world and in our race to deal with. Thanks for the video, very uplifting.

  5. @MsJuma13 you know something I watched my own video like every hour, like I was seeing it for the first time every time, I needed this as much as anybody..thanks for watching sis.

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