48 thoughts on “Motivational speaker says he was kicked out of Sambuca because he's black Video”

  1. The owner of Sambuca put that manager on leave without pay. I personally know the owner and my husband and I have stayed in his home before. I went to Greenhill High School with him and he dated a black girl. That manager is racist but the owner isn’t and he took action immediately.

  2. What's up with ppl on the internet repeating allegations as 100% fact? This is becoming a sad trend. I have no problems believing the worst shit is real, because i've already seen it. But what I will not do is tolerate people that think the standards of evidence don't apply to them just because it's a sympathetic case. That's not how truth works. Provide evidence or go back to the kids table. Because it just turns into emotional whining replacing facts and evidence. That is fundamentally suppression of truth.

  3. Pharoah's heart and that of his people has been hardened, because we as a people are living in sin and loving it, so to me it feels as though this pressure of evils abounding in the world around us is necessary so we will come from our comfort seat within it and seek YaHaWaH with all our heart. In our seeking Him we should naturally begin to gravitate towards each other, our family. 2/3rds is a large number when u really think of it and I am very concerned about what that will look like in real time. I wish not to see our people suffer further, but we are truly a stiff-necked( hard headed) people. I'm including myself in this for all have fallen short. tryna follow and teach the commandments is easier on the street than in my own house, especially when I'm focused on mercy. I'm thankful that there are those of us that can hear and can see and haven't been caught in the snare of the great delusion. our people are about to go thru this fire and I'm praying for us all…..past, present and future. Heat on our necks, but we will be choice gold on the other side of this. SO KEEP UR HEADS UP AND STAY PRAYED UP!

  4. I blame white police officers for this. They have lead the way on this behaviour. The police lie to arrest black folks when it suits them. White civilians have picked up on this and are using it to their advantage.

  5. Some of us just don't get it and obviously don't want to get it..SMH..We have LITERALLY become the definition of INSANITY, and GLUTTONS FOR PUNISHMENT!! Your analysis of the incident presented in this video is extremely informative, and very much appreciated Deborah. Thank you ma'am…💞

  6. Why would you want to spend your money at a place that doesn't want you there??… I would of been more than glad to leave… And went straight to social media to warn my people to stay away from there… We have to stop giving these people our money.. If blks don't own it or work there, they won't see a penny of my earnings..

  7. WTH….just the other day waffle house locked the door on a black woman saying they were closed and their were ppl in their eating. Did these restaurant owners have a meeting about how to get us out of their restaurants?

  8. Theyreally need us but do we REALLY need them? No we only need da most high n our life and he will provide all our needs
    Just stay out of these places and then they will be calling us. We are da chosen ones anyway

  9. Why did they not sue this rasturant for discrimination. Boycotting is not going to work because people will still eat there. Sue them for discrimination and take their money.

  10. The white man is going retro and it's going to get worse but the loss will be theirs and not ours. It's retribution time. Cook your own food, make your own coffee. Support black businesses.

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