Muslim Black Slavery - Islam Slave History of Black Africa 2

Muslim Black Slavery – Islam Slave History of Black Africa

Muslim Black Slavery - Islam Slave History of Black Africa 3

Muslim Black Slavery - Islam Slave History of Black Africa 4

The legacy of Arab Islam in Africa

To all Internet Muslims and LIES and confused African-Americans who like to address the African slave hx of the USA (hx = history), I say the following: Compare the short colonial slave hx of the USA with that of the hx of the Arabs (Islamic and pre-Islamic), the North and East Africa colonized, ethnic Africans hunted, enslaved, tortured and killed for several thousand years before the same geographical ARABS began / opened the slave trade for colonial America, which only (by comparison) bought slaves for bondage.

M.E. Arabs have a millennia-old history of human slavery, which can still be found in the “MODERN WORLD” by M.E. continues.

One of the most tragic facts is that MECCA, the geographic heart of the Muslim community, was one of the BIGGEST slave markets in the Muslim world until the 20th century, when the international community’s Western standards came to inform Muslims that Slavery represents a violation of dignity, humanity and their own position in global affairs.

Many unsuspecting free people were taken on pilgrimage by high-ranking Muslims and sold or arrested on fabricated accusations, which ultimately led to victims of the notorious Meccan slave trade. In fact, slaves were only reported to be sold in Saudi Arabia in 1960, and many more cases were reported in Sudan.

Do us a favor and consider THE WHOLE HISTORY before you ever publish your guilt and fully blame colonial America. THE WHOLE HISTORY explains WHY, WHEN, WHERE and WHO.

Do it right: check your facts.

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24 thoughts on “Muslim Black Slavery – Islam Slave History of Black Africa”

  1. I agree with everything he said accept linking islam to slavery for his own agendas , you should separate islam and arab culture because its two different things .
    If you are linking islam with slavery, let me clarify it for you .

    slavery existed way before islam was revealed, arabs had slaves way before mohammed peace be upon him was born , the verses in the Quran about freeing slaves is uncountable .

    Allah ordered Muslims to free slaves to be forgiven from sin, forgiveness concerning many sins is to free slaves to incarriage freedom and get rid of slavery. Research in quran (عتق رقبة ) .

    Watch the following video , this is exactly how it was before islam and what islam teaches .

    Abu baker who bought him and freed him was the first man who believed in prophet mohammed peace be upon him and the prophet ordered him to free salves .

    And it was this crule to white slaves , Arab slaves etc , but the Media chooses to show only the black slaves for their own agendas.

    Anyone who studied islam knows three of the very noticeable companions of prophet mohammed peace be upon him were slaves from three different nations .

    1– bilaal Al habeshi from Abbyssinia ( habesha people) the one in the video above.

    2- Souhib Al Romi (souhib of rome) was an arab slave who enslaved by the Byzantine Empire and brought again to Arabia as a slave .

    3– Salman Al farisi ( who were a persian prince that been captured by non muslim arabs and sold as a slave)

    The masters or owners of all the companion slaves i mentioned were non Muslim arabs and non arabs.

    My point is slavery was practiced in Arabia way before prophet mohammed peace be upon him was born.

  2. Well the speaker is a well known and debunked pseudo historian who is normally in Egyptologie . He's one of those who formed and preserved the lie of a "whit Egypt"! He's a white man's "scientist" and pseudo historian. Almost evrything I know from his books and works were contradicted as not reliable or just not fact. He's a loyer if thé Whites by pretending as Africa is one country and its ppl one natio. The Arabs did know very well tht thts not the case. The first place Muslim Arabs came was the empire of Abessinia-east Africa,the region of Ethiopia and Somalia today. They came as persuited,demanders for asylum! The grandfather of the prophet s.a.s faced the king of Abessinia as he wanted to crush the Kaaba in Makkah. The prophets uncle was the only one who stood in his way and not very powerfull indeed.
    Islam never supported what this idiot is proclaiming. But hey white world view condemns evrything thts not as evil as they're

  3. Seems to me that conquering lands and enslaving people was sanctioned by religion namely Christianity and Islam. From all that I've read religion operated as a political force for groups of people to established themselves in particular areas of the world. The two great evils.

  4. Did you watch you video everyday to gain 83k of viewers? I dont know how much Media Brainwash your brain. Yet you make a another video to brainwash another people. I dont know did you finish you High School or not since i dont find any information about this make up history .

    For you information. Not all ARABS where ISLAM. They also have Christian ARABS. JEWISH ARABS and ATHEIS ARABS . Please dont mess up another peole brain. If you dont study History dont make up another FALSE. That just make you look stupid.

    Btw who the first person who find "America"? Wait Christoper Columbus was a Muslim or Christian? Tell me when he kill the Red Indian for the sake of Spain King . Learn history before try to create History. LOL

  5. This is all wrong, arabs has slavery, but islam came to prohibit that, Bilal was a black muslim in the high Ranks of Mohamed , and a companion in leader ship of islam , in the time of islam! Bilal is the first Azan reciter for islam and he was black, I wanna punish this asshole for saying Mohamed and Islam, its Arabs not islam. Dumb ass..

  6. All bibles of every religion say the same thing live Holly no one was born and raised to believe in the wrong God beings of such divinity have many names

  7. Who produced this video? Why doesn't the source identify itself…or will that expose their actual agenda?
    Are we just supposed to trust what they are saying and spread these memes??

  8. Dr. John Azumah from Ghana and his works of The Legacy of Islam in Africa will reveal who's been doing what to whom but there's a surprise also the Europeans were involved in the slave trade as slaves by Arab Muslim. Give Thanks.

  9. The Legacy of Arab-Islam in Africa

    To all you Internet Muslims and LIED TO and confused African-Americans who like to bring up the USA's African slave hx (hx = history), I say this: Compare the USA's short Colonial slave hx to that of the hx of Arabs (Islamic and Pre-Islamic) who colonized North and East Africa, who hunted, enslaved, tortured and killed Ethnic Africans for several thousands of years before the same geographical ARABS started/opened the slave trade to Colonial America who merely (in comparison) bought slaves for servitude.

    M.E. Arabs have a history of thousands of years of human slavery, which even continues today in the M.E.'s "MODERN WORLD."

    One of the most tragic facts is that MECCA, the geographic heart of the Muslim community, was one of the LARGEST SLAVE MARKETS in the Muslim world all the way up until the 2Oth century when the standards of the international community, championed by the West, came to inform Muslims that chattel slavery is a violation against dignity, humanity and their own standing in global affairs.

    Many unsuspecting free people were taken on the pilgrimage by high-ranking Muslims and sold or arrested on trumped up charges, ultimately ending up as victims of the notorious Meccan slave trade.

    In fact, slaves have been reported as being sold as late as 1960 in Saudi Arabia, and many more cases are reported in Sudan.

    So do us all a favor and take THE WHOLE STORY into account before you ever post your blame, blaming Colonial America entirely.


    Get it right: Check your facts.

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    If you're black, never forget what Islam did to your people. Muslim Black slavery – Islam slave history of Black Africa The Untold Story of Arab Slave Trade Of Africans ATLANTIC JIHAD: The Untold Story of White Slavery The Forgotten European Slaves of Islamic Barbary North Africa and Islamic Ottoman Turkey Christopher Hitchens – Barbary Pirates, Muslim Slave Trade and Thomas Jefferson "The Peaceful Majority were Irrelevant"

  10. Islamophobia is a made up word created by the Muslim Brotherhood specifically to silence debate.

    Liberals and leftists in the West use the made up term "Islamophobia" to portray anyone who criticizes Islam as a "racist".

    According to sharia law in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Iran:

    – There is no freedom of religion or freedom of speech.

    – There is no equality between people (the non-Muslim is not equal to the Muslim).

    – There are no equal rights for men and women.

    – There is no democracy or a separation between religion and state politics.

    Sharia is incompatible with Western values.

    All Muslims use taqiyya concerning the JIHAD DOCTRINE by concealing it, denying it or lying about it. If any Muslim does NOT lie about JIHAD, he has left Islam.

    There are SIX DIFFERENT WAYS of deception that are permissible in Islam: 1) taqiyya, 2) kitman, 3) tawriya, 4) taysir, 5) darura, 6) muruna

    •Taqiyya (Shia) or Muda’rat (Sunni): tactical deceit for the purposes of spreading Islam.

    •Kitman: deceit by omission.

    •Tawriya: deceit by ambiguity.

    •Taysir: deceit through facilitation (not having to observe all the tenets of Sharia).

    •Darura: deceit through necessity (to engage in something “Haram” or forbidden).

    •Muruna: the temporary suspension of Sharia to make Muslim migrants appear “moderate.”

    There is no such thing as ISLAMOPHOBIA. It is the right of every individual to question a religion which CLAIMS to be peaceful, and yet is responsible for more terror attacks than any other.

    In the Islamic world, women are treated as second class citizens and bound by ancient laws that have no place in a modern world.

    If anything, ISLAM has a phobia about ANYTHING not ISLAMIC.

    We can't coexist with people who want to kill us.

    The notion that Islam has nothing to do with violence is a dangerous naive fiction and intellectually insulting.

    Radical Islam and terrorism is all about Islam. All Muslims what to impose Shariah law.

    The radical Muslim wants to cut of your head whilst the moderate Muslim holds your feet.

    Islam Myths Debunked: There is No Such Thing As "Moderate" Islam or " Moderate" Muslim

  11. What is "Abrogation" in Islam?

    To abrogate means to abolish, do away with, or annul, especially by authority.

    This is a key term in studying the Quran. There are some peaceful, tolerant verses in the Quran. But the violent, intolerant ones have abrogated them. The Quran itself explains what to do with conflicting verses. If two passages conflict, it says, the one written later is better than the one written earlier. The earlier passage has been abrogated by the later one.

    The bad news for non-Muslims is that almost all the peaceful passages were written earlier, and the intolerant, hateful, and violent ones were written later (read more about this).

    The two key abrogation passages in the Quran are these:

    2:106 "Whatever of Our revelations We repeal or cause to be forgotten, We will replace them with something superior or comparable. Do you not know that Allah has power over all things? Do you not know that Allah reigns sovereign over the heavens and earth and besides Him you have no protector or helper? Would you question your messenger as Moses was questioned in his time? Those who exchange their faith for disbelief have gone astray from the right path."

    16:101 "When We exchange one verse for another, and Allah knows best what He reveals, they say, 'You are making this up.' Most of them do not understand."

    Bill Warner writes, "There are as many as 225 verses of the Koran that are altered by later verses. This is called abrogation."

    Read an excellent article by the Martel Group, who knew way ahead of the rest of us that Islamic violence and Islamization were a threat to the free world: Abrogation (PDF document).

    Another good article on abrogation is here: Abrogation of the Koran, Koranic Contradictions and Muslim Taqiyya. I thought this was interesting (from that article):

    Of the Koran's 114 suras (chapters), only 43 are without abrogated or abrogating verses. That is naturally surprising, and so unexpected that few Westerners are aware that significant segments of the Koran have been theologically annulled. Mohammed's non-Muslim contemporaries were just as surprised.

    Another good article is Peace or Jihad? Abrogation in Islam.

    For more on abrogation, read these selections from the ex-Muslim's site,

    "Abrogation" means the canceling or replacement of one Quranic passage by another. It seems that as circumstances changed during the 23-year period that Muhammad dictated the Quran, the directions and precepts found therein sometimes changed to accommodate new and changing political and military realities, sometimes quite dramatically. Thus, the Quran abrogates or cancels itself in various passages and presents seemingly conflicting statements. Muslims do not view this sort of abrogation as a contradiction, but rather, as improvements to better suit varying circumstances or needs, or to fit Muhammad's religious concepts. For further reading, see the articles below.

    The Quran's Doctrine of Abrogation:


    Abrogated Verses Of the Quran:

    Abrogation in the Koran:

    The Problem of Abrogation in the Quran:

    Ahmad, Allah, and Abrogation:


  12. Were the Crusades an unprovoked act of aggression on behalf of bloodthirsty Christians? Did the First Crusade mark the beginning of close to a millennium of hostility between Christianity and Islam, or did the conflict begin centuries earlier? Stefan Molyneux is joined by Dr. Duke Pesta to discuss the truth about the Crusades!

    The Real History of The Crusades –

  13. One thing I respect about the Muslim countries if you go over there and try and make them feel guilty about slavery not only will they not give any race hustlers any money they will tell them to fuck off. These hustlers see us as chumps and take advantage of our weakness. I don’t guess you Can’t really blame them. A criminal mind is going to do its thing and if you want to keep handing out millions and power then of course they’re going to take it

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