Photos of past slavery that will shock you 2

Photos of past slavery that will shock you

Photos of past slavery that will shock you 3

Photos of past slavery that will shock you 4

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Narrated by: Darren Marlar

Darkest child –
Kevin MacLeod (
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39 thoughts on “Photos of past slavery that will shock you”

  1. Mere baap naa sabka…maa chod deta..tha..jabtak…matha…kaam..kiya…slave …bola…humko…jyotish….ko…pu6a…nahi…kaise…maa…bahan…kar..deta….samaj mein mere baap ke samne khare hone ka…kisi ko himmat nahi…tha…saalee…kutteee…tu mere baap ki bezzati. …karega…bolne ka himmat nahi huuaa kabhi

  2. Lol "the slave children" slavey was abolished by the time they got older. Assuming they were allowed to age. Yet, what Facts Verse fails to mention is all the horrors slaves faced post slavery. I very much doubt the two children lived a happier life.

  3. Too many of you all why didn’t you all grab at least 1 gun when they had opportunities if the roles were reversed we would be talking about how to overpower them and would do so

  4. People all over America and the rest of the World are just as much in Bondage and Slavery as ever before with the Drugs,Alcohol,Gambling, Porn, ETC. And Joy and Happiness only comes from Jesus Christ, not Religion.

  5. I DON'T KNOW WHO NEEDS TO HEAR THIS but black people are one of the first people to be on this earth. Did you know, we were around in the Victorian era too looking all regal, and in with the times 🙂 we were healthier than most white people.

  6. The thing that is most astonishing is that black Americans hate white people and blame white people for this! The government made slavery legal and the slave States were predominantly in the south! The government is the soul blame for slavery no one else! The state of Virginia in there courts claimed that indentured servitude servants were now property of the person whom they were serving! The government said that a slave was property and had no rights ! G O V E R N M E N T ! The government is playing the black people against the white people of America by teaching them lies! The government controls our kids curriculum, they control how many hour our kids are in school and what there taught! If you want me to explain why the government wants blacks hating whites I will tell you! Wealth! Money! Governments are rich and the majority of the population poor! If they can make you hate each other then you won’t focus or unite against them ! There you have it ! Now wisen up , your enemy is the one who takes away your rights ,your freedoms ,who passes laws against you ! That wasn’t done by and poor white man ! That was done by the government!

  7. Whoever is talking and whoever chose the words we heard is completely ignorant.
    It’s not to hard to pick apart every single thing he said. Things STILL suck for so many people.

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