RE: NOTHING FUNNY ~ The motivational speaker goes out after being neglected by BLACK students 2

RE: NOTHING FUNNY ~ The motivational speaker goes out after being neglected by BLACK students

RE: NOTHING FUNNY ~ The motivational speaker goes out after being neglected by BLACK students 3

RE: NOTHING FUNNY ~ The motivational speaker goes out after being neglected by BLACK students 4

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34 thoughts on “RE: NOTHING FUNNY ~ The motivational speaker goes out after being neglected by BLACK students”

  1. 12:50-If my ever displayed this type of disrespect to anyone, I would make sure he is a guest of the state/voluntary placed/etc. I WILL NOT feed, clothe or buy you anything for acting like you dont have the sense God gave you.

  2. It your brother as the teacher tells the parent of they dont come pick them up then CPS would have to be called do you think they would pick them up then.?

    Why should the behavior of one child mess up the education of another..

    Maybe these kids need a different school setting.

    I got stabbed by a student. I stopped teaching after that. And I also had to sue the school too because they docked my pay.

  3. I honestly thought the original "ET vs Black kids" vid was a hoax, due to all the various camera angles and obvious zoom-ins
    Now I'm sad, and almost feel embarrassed to be brown.

  4. These kids don't care because regardless if they get a degree, PHD, or etc, they still have to beg a white man for a loan, mortgage, and a job!! Black people are the only groups in America who have to get jobs and loans from other races other than their own AND THESE BLACK KIDS KNOW IT!!!

    So, Black man with PHD, start providing good jobs for young black folk and stop making damn motivational speeches!!! He is regurgitating the same crap blacks been saying for decades. It's not working!!

  5. WOW, did that black kid blow blunt smoke in that teachers face?   Then you wonder why blacks can't get ahead or act non-violent, or like civil human beings, and why NO ONE wants to teach at black schools… I blame the parents for these kinds of kids that act like fools with no morals no values, no respect, no shame, NO BRAINS….

  6. Your little pic in the left hand corner next to subscribe, you look like hooker, you do not dress like no role model that's for sure, maybe you females should re-think how you dress so the younger girls don't grow up & emulate you.  It looks cheap not sexy.

  7. It all starts at home like you said the parents dont give a shit. Couldnt be me. I would have caught a case cus that would have been my daughters ass. Kid or not you put yo hands on me its me or you & it wont be me period.

  8. These kid's PARENTS are to blame!!!

    I couldn't be a teacher THESE DAYS, cuz if a ratchet-ass kid put their hands on ME, especially if we're the same height, they're getting fucked up… point blank PERIOD!!

    These ratchet parents these days defend their ratchet offspring. There should be a separate school for these kinda kids, no matter WHAT race! U wanna be a fuck up??? Go to a military-style school system, with heavy security and this should be a requirement for ratchet parents with bad ass kids!!! Errbody shouldn't have to deal with y'all's bullshit!!!

  9. You have the right to waste your life trying to up lift the Black community, it's your life. I concluded long ago Blacks as a race are a lost cause unconditionally, incapable of showing intelligence as a whole with very rare exception of a few. No other race shows such low potential and ingenuity. In the black community your life goal is going to be either a criminal, rapper or a trained jester who dribbles or throws a ball for the entertainment of other races of people, nothing intellectual. Education is hostilely opposed and the few Blacks who pursue education are violently preyed upon by the bulk of the race.

    In the Black community the stupider, violent and ignorant you are the higher your standing in the community, absolute stupidity is equivalent to having a PHD and Blacks wear ignorance proudly as such. Everything he told these young Black fools went in one ear and out the other. If 50 cent or a real life Nino Brown or a basketball player was talking on stage all those Black kids would have been taking notes.

  10. Who better for this man to go in on?!?! He is absolutely correct for his decision to call these derelict children out immediately on their fucked up rude behavior. They obviously have no home-training and zero respect for not ONE individual in this world, they can't acting like they're at a damn comedy show heckling fools onstage. I mean, seriously, what in the absolute hell is going on here?!

    AND it was Black History Month and the school probably brought him in for some relatable encouragement for the students. The principal shoulda shut that shit down at the first sign of disrespect.

    Now, if the man decided to walk out on the rudeness, which he had every right to do, folks would be screaming he was a fraud and other mess and he should've done….EXACTLTY what he chose to do FOR those students on that day.

  11. Yeesss!!! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 I cant stand when people always want to make excuses for people who had a litter of kids when they couldn’t afford them.

  12. The problem with the information age is that every idiot has a mic! You are flat out wrong and misrepresenting black kids. His message was not for all black kids. his message was specific to this low performing, impoverished neighborhood. You're contradicting your own messagr

  13. Get out of here, that man did that from the kindness of his heart and these rude ass little kids just talking over him, its sad they would rather idolize mangoes (migos lol) and drugs but not someone who actually wants to make a difference smh, its all about sex, drugs and killing this what all these rappers talk about and women showing young ladies its ok to be a plastic nut job, side chicks get praised but marriage gets frowned upon smh sick way 0f thinking

  14. He said no lies..they cut in play the speeh play the whole message. How much realer can it get he's talking from what he came from too, but there's hope and they can be successful too. don't cut this man down for being real

  15. Same old issues. Same ass problems. We came from slaves who survived……….blah, blah. We have to improve our communities blah, blah, blah. White kids, Asian Kids don't act like this blah, blah, blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.  I'm just tired of this shit. We've been talking about it for years and years, and years. The schools are afraid of the children.

  16. i agree with you also. not against my race but i live in a community where most childrens (my race)acting a fool but i blame some of these parents cause their getting down to the kids level n noone can tell them about their child not saying its just blacks

  17. I hear and see alot of the comments. But what boggles my mind sometimes is when people be saying things like "it's the parents fault, the kids are being raised in single parent homes,so what do you expect" and as a single parent myself, it kind of upsets me. Because i am a parent who loves her child, and i try and teach her right from wrong. I try and lead her down the right path. I WORK, i provide,sure it's harder w/o the extra help, but we still persevere. I constantly tell her to go to college, be better than me,don't end up like those kids who you see acting up. And sure, she has had her acting out moments, but she is getting better. It hasn't been anything too extreme. But my question is… how is it my fault that her sorry father doesn't want to be a parent to her? I have gave this boy chance after chance to be in her life. He CHOSE TO NOT BE THERE. So before people be so quick to judge, know that US single hardworking parents, who actually do give a damn about their kid(s) are doing the best that they can do, with what they are given. And until god blesses me with that significant other male role model in our life, this is what it is for now. But it just hurts to see single parents talked down upon, as if some of us chose it to be a certain way. If things don't work out, and the other parent chooses to not be present in their childs life, i cannot force their hand. Only god can set them right.

  18. The sad thing is the expression of shock on the kids faces. That shock is there because their parents have never demanded decent behavior. The people he really needs to yell at are their parents. Kids are supposed to learn how to behave at home. It's not the teacher's job to raise them.

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