Shahrazad Ali - 7 attributes of a "good" black woman 2

Shahrazad Ali – 7 attributes of a “good” black woman

Shahrazad Ali - 7 attributes of a "good" black woman 3

Shahrazad Ali - 7 attributes of a "good" black woman 4

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35 thoughts on “Shahrazad Ali – 7 attributes of a “good” black woman”

  1. Self Discipline: Don't Cheat, Don't tear down your man and family verbally or by your actions.
    Courteous: Appreciate other peoples hardwork and love for you
    Cheerfulness: It's not easy to be strong and cheerful all the times, but sometimes you have to
    Self Respect: Stop devaluating your body and altering your physical appearance so dramatically. It looks desperate and fake.
    Intelligence: Read some books and stop talking about someone and talk about something, also give up watching tv
    Cleanliness: Man just look up our std rates for our men and woman it's fucking brutal
    Love: Love blackness before anything else, yourself, your family, your man. Your self hate destroys a generation

  2. Steve bell that woman is a black Hebrew Israelite she just want to speak to her people. why do u want her to erase her speech about black it’s non sense. She knows what she said.

  3. I'm cleaning up right now, my house is clean and happy, now all I need is my Wonderful Future Husband Chuck I love him so much and I don't really even know him, I just know that I want him forever, I think he really needs someone like me.

  4. I think that Black women, especially the younger generation, don't have a clue as to how love and cooperation in a marriage works, partly because they grew up in homes headed by single mothers who never had a solid marriage/relationship…and because Black girls and women watch too much garbage on TV, like those reality shows where dysfunctional interaction between Black men and women is considered normal. We haven't had positive shows that showed loving caring relationships and child rearing between Black men and women, since the 80's, 90's, and early to mid 2000's. Healthy, solid friendships between Black women are a thing of the past. How many young sisters have Living Single type friendships with other young Black women? How many young women today. have parents like James and Florida, Cliiff and Claire, Carl and Harriet, Phil and Vivian, Michael and Jay, Frank and Dee, Lester and Mary? Yes, these are television characters, however, Black parents like these good parents, did and do exist…but numbers today are greatly reduced, due to women choosing single Parenthood. The Dad and Mom…intact, two parent home, is becoming extinct. One cannot learn what one is not exposed to, and taught.

    Also, Black women have adopted the "strong Black woman" label with pride, and wear it as a badge of honor. First, human beings by nature are strong. People all over the world have suffered great loss and tragedy, pick up the pieces, and carry on with life. It is what we all as human beings, do. Hell, we have no choice…we either stand and stay strong, or we don't. What is sad, is that the definition of the "strong" Black woman, is not flattering. Strong is synonymous with being rude…loud….combative….overbearing….rude….nasty attitude….getting folks told….checking folks….unladylike.

    A word about BITCH.

    No one calls Black women bitches more than BLACK WOMEN. Yet Black women will be the first to call another Black woman a bitch. In fact, no one tears down Black women, more than other Black women. I can't count the # of times I have heard Black women tear down a Black woman's hair/weave, attire, physical looks…even a woman's husband, if he is deemed not handsome, or ""broke" (I guess those women checked those men's bank accounts 🙄). Note that the majority of women who engage in tearing down other women's husband's or committed partners, are the very women who are raising children by men who never wanted their hand in marriage, never wanted a future with those women. For those men, a future with those women, was the next nut.

    I've attended the weddings of wonderful women who looked beautiful on their wedding day, only to hear women make negative comments about the bride's attire. I've heard Black women throw shade at a home a married couple purchased, OR at a home a single woman who bought for herself….while living in substandard government housing.

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