The dark history of slavery in Islam (whitewashed and forgotten) 2

The dark history of slavery in Islam (whitewashed and forgotten)

The dark history of slavery in Islam (whitewashed and forgotten) 3

The dark history of slavery in Islam (whitewashed and forgotten) 4

We always talk about how Europeans enslaved a large number of Africans. We usually don’t talk about the parties that are or are not actually involved in this slave trade. What we are not talking about are other slave trades that were even bigger and lasted longer, like the Eastern (Islamic) slave trade.

Western media choose selective moral outrage, and while Western schools are teaching their youth about their own mistakes, the Islamic world is far from being honest. So I choose to talk about this dark story and I hope to raise awareness so that more and more people can know and talk about the atrocities of the Islamic world.

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48 thoughts on “The dark history of slavery in Islam (whitewashed and forgotten)”

  1. Nation of Islam should've did what the Turks in Kazakhstan area did. They wanted legitimacy and 'education' provided by the much esteemed religions of Islam and Christianity. However.. they did not want to be beholden to either of these large religious powers. So they opted for Judaism instead.

  2. This is the most important truth that anyone has ever brought to light in my lifetime and I'm 62.
    I knew about the castration and that it was continuing into the early 20th century. But i had no idea that these practices were continuing into this century.
    This truth must be brought into the forefront of the conversations on the political spectrum, especially in the western nations in which their "leaders" have presented this fantasy of "peace and love" while gangs go around and rape women, having seen a video out of Germany in which one of the gang was bragging that the female the gang and he had just raped was a virgin.

  3. Would you kindly do a video on India? The country is very close to a civil war between non Muslims and Muslims right now and most of the stuff you say is live practically.

  4. Castration of Muslims most be a condition to let them enter in western countries even if as tourists independently their age the female muslims should have their uterus removed.

  5. Islam does not know the concept of FREEDOM. No Muslim is truly free as rigid laws crush free expression. Suppression is the trademark of Islam. There is stiffness in religion.
    Stay away from Islam

  6. One ethnicity or religions slavery does not alleviate another, but I would say during my life the Arab / Eastern or Islamic slavery is rarely talked about at all in our education and isn't really talked about widely among the black people I have known. Horrific things have been committed worldwide under the guise of religion, I would say that to the best of my knowledge people who said they were Christians and Muslims who both participated in slavery. I respect peoples right to worship peacefully no matter the religion, but from my perspective I cannot look at any of the three Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) and ignore the quotes and parts of the books that contain things I think are morally wrong, nor do I understand people who embrace one of those three out of rejection for another: for example, black people who say Christianity is a white religion of slavery, of Columbus and so on (rightfully, in many examples people can give) but then turn to Islam and completely ignore any role of Arab Muslims in their own slavery of blacks and utterly romanticise how good things have been under Islamic rule for various peoples throughout history. Religion itself, I find to be contradictory and at times a form of mental slavery– and I cannot really think of an empire on earth of any nation that hasn't committed acts of cruelty and inflicted death upon others.

  7. If you still have doubts check out philipino slaves in saudi with abhorent treatment particularly by the women on women especialy since arrab women are subjugated so they take it out on theire slaves come servants

  8. Definitions : castration = removal of testicals. emasculation = removal of penis & testicals. A eunuch is thus emasculated, not just castrated, because then there would be something left to use for sexual activities and that was what this was to prevent.

  9. Mohammad said Satan looks like a black man

    The Islamic View of Black Slaves: Islam and Slavery in the Hadith

    Fearless Christian Sister Tells Muslims the Truth about Slavery in Africa

  10. Mr bearded long nose your just full of shit talking from ur backside leave someone elses religion alone,if you don't like it piss off no need to spread hate against one religion.All these brainwashed stupid ppl want any excuse to pout shit and listen to fake shit that's all stupid sheep for you.This fake mentally insane retard has gone out of his to make all this money on here and ppl are all giving him the money he's so desperate for to fix the screws loose in his head.

  11. Thanks very much for this vid , very eye opening . We must spread this information as much as possible to combat this evil cult as l believe most people are totally ignorant of this dark history of lslam !

  12. There is a very famous research based book by SL Byrappa an Indian authors on this particular issue of subjugation of Indians under Islamic rule. It's heart wrenching. The book is called Aavarana-The Veil. Its originally written in Kannada, a South Indian language and then translated to English and other Indian languages. It has a full list of scholarly historical books that has been referenced by the author.

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