Top 10 amazing facts about SOUTH AFRICA 2

Top 10 amazing facts about SOUTH AFRICA

Top 10 amazing facts about SOUTH AFRICA 3

Top 10 amazing facts about SOUTH AFRICA 4

Welcome to the Top10Archive! We continue our great world tour and travel back to the southern hemisphere to explore promising South Africa! From breathtaking waterfalls and majestic wildlife to some of the most fascinating shipwrecks ever found, let’s take a look at 10 amazing facts about South Africa!

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10. Fame in South Africa
9. South African innovations
8. South African cuisine
7. Tourist attractions
6. South African wildlife
5. Increase education
4. South African natural attractions
3. Nuts about mining and minerals
2. A country of shipwrecks
1. The cradle of mankind

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44 thoughts on “Top 10 amazing facts about SOUTH AFRICA”

  1. Interesting facts, but the most amazing one for me is that South Africa was the first (and only) country in Africa to recognize same sex marriages back in 2006. That's an amazing achievement. This shows it is a modern and progressive nation that values human rights and civil liberties. Well done!

  2. Top 5 facts about South Africa, no 1: Driving a toyota jeep can get you killed as the engine is precious for there taxis, no2 : Caution in stoping at traffic lights in the night as you may be hijacked when following road safety, no3: Always have money on you as you might get stopped by police and need to give them money to avoid being put in a cell no4: Avoid wearing jewelry in public as you will become a target, no5: Avoid most areas in the country as your life might come short.

  3. Why do white South Africans seem to hate South Africa so much? It's very strange to me. In every video about the country, you have white South Africans talking about how much they hate it there.

  4. If you travel to South Africa please don't pay to play with lion cubs or 'walk with lions'. Lion interactions are offered in MANY places in South Africa, but it's a terrible industry. These lions are stolen from their mothers at only days old and then forced to be held and bottle fed by tons of humans. These lions then grow a little bigger, and when they are too big to hold they are offered as "Walking With Lions" tours… you pay to walk with them and they are prodded by sticks. Then when they grow too big to be safe with tourist interaction the lions are all sold off to CANNED HUNTING farms. This is the heinous and unforgivable practice of shooting tame, often-drugged lions in small enclosures where they have NO chance to escape or survive, then they are carted off to be a shameful "trophy" on someone's wall. A horrific thing, these lions are exploited and used from the day they are born to the day they die. I am on a mission to #RaiseAwareness about #CannedHunting and to #BanTrophyHunting in Africa and the world. Please never pay to play with lions. Lion interactions = BAD. Be an ethical tourist. #EthicalTourism. Read more at Or see the movie #BloodLions

  5. You can’t say dale steyn
    Or babotie
    Wow you can’t say Ushaka that’s easy
    You can’t say zebra WOW
    You can’t say mpumalanga
    It’s a good video but you are missing a lot
    Sodwana bay, drakensberg, aliwal shoal, etc….

  6. There facts. 1) the Dutch rejected Queen Elizabeth and fabricated a republic.
    2)the dutch created aparteid
    3) the big mouth dutch gave South Africa away without a squeak.

  7. South Africa, the place where I got mugged and left beaten, it has bad memories for me, it’s horrible what some do, guys when they said South Africa has high crime, I was like it can’t be that bad.

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