What ended slavery? | Cool story 2

What ended slavery? | Cool story

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The Haitian Revolution was a successful uprising against slavery and colonial rule by self-freed slaves in Saint-Domingue, today’s territory of Haiti. It started in 1791 and ended in 1804 with the independence of the former colony. It was the only slave uprising that led to the establishment of a state that was free from slavery and ruled by non-whites and former prisoners. With the recent surge in Haitian revolutionary studies, it is now widely recognized as a defining moment in the history of racism in the Atlantic world.

Its effects on the institution of slavery were felt across America. After the end of French rule and the abolition of slavery in the former colony by the former slaves, they successfully defended the freedoms they achieved and, with the participation of the mulattos, their independence from the rule of white Europeans. It questioned long-held beliefs about the inferiority of blacks and the ability of enslaved people to attain and maintain their own freedom. The rebel’s organizational skills and tenacity under pressure became the source of stories that shocked and frightened slave owners.

We tell the revolutionary story in this episode of Cool History!

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Haitian Revolution (1791-1804)

Jean-Jacques Dessalines

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35 thoughts on “What ended slavery? | Cool story”

  1. Haitian revolution? Really? Such a short sighted idea of the end of slavery. Is that why most of Southern Asia and Africa still had slavery until the late 20th century openly being legal. Stop pretending like Europeans no longer owning slaves meant the end of slavery slavery existed long before h thy e transatlantic slave trade and continued long after.


    The european controlled nations abolished slavery universally, the non european nations didn’t which is funny how people see slavery ending when white people made it illegal, wrongggggggg it’s funny people demonise white when most of their people of color continued to happily own people as slaves. The Haitian rebellion was supported by several european nations the Spanish aided the Haitians to get rid of the french and the British aided the Haitians yo get rid of the Spanish.

  2. There is still slavery, it is not ended yet, just minimum.
    It is not about race, Africa was defenseless and a easy resource to be harvested unlike Asia and the Middle East.
    Plus the history of slavery is not about African slave. I think the title is misleading.

  3. The movement in Britain to abolish slavery started in the 1780's. This finally brought about the abolition of the Atlantic Slave Trade (1807) though not slavery, this would come later The whole video was about the Haitian Slave Uprising against the French but what had this to do with the end of slavery? The video was very interesting but not true to the Title.

  4. If average life expectancy was less than 7 years than EVERY slave would have had to have been imported because none would live to puberty & be able to reproduce, or at least not enough to keep the population up, there's gotta be something more to that stat, maybe seven years after the start of hard labor?

  5. So, please tell me why thus country is still dependent on the good graces of the rest of the world fir it's survival. It's been a long time since the revolution. They are the largest well-fare recipient in the world. Yeah, I know corruption. Leaders who were thieves. I wish them well in this century. They still practice a sort of cast system. The wealthy and the rest.

  6. You are a bit misinformed, the brits sounded the death knell for slavery in the world with the abolition of slavery throughout the empire. Which was followed by the formation of the west africa squadron that destroyed zanzibar then destroyed arab efforts to build replacement slave ports. The squadron also engaged as many european vessals as tgey could to free the slaves.
    The formation of haiti, while admirable, was not the catylist for the drivers of abolition, william wilberforce and his fundamental christian allies to oppose slavery, which was formed by their beliefs.

  7. nothing, because slavery hasn't ended.
    there are still millions of people in Africa, India and the middle east still enslaved.

    as for what ended slavery in the west?, Morality advancement to the point where people of the culture realized that all slavery is bad (the west was the first to reach this point) and the realization that slavery is highly expensive and inefficient.

  8. While I like videos that educate people on the little known black revolution that happened at the time of all the other major western independence movements, no one ever seems to go into the after math of what happened to Haiti. I'd love to see a follow up video examining how after they gained independence France and Britain made sure everyone cut off trade with them because of the fact that they were a slave run nation. And how America infiltrated their government and created the conditions that lead them to the extreme poverty the country now faces.

  9. So after 850 thousand years of human slavery it was the white man who ended it so how come the white man gets the blame like lets all make out oh wasnt the white man bad even though it had been a normal human thing for 1000s of years before the british ordered it to stop

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