What if Africa was never colonized? 2

What if Africa was never colonized?

What if Africa was never colonized? 3

What if Africa was never colonized? 4

In the late 19th century, the imperial powers of Europe split across an entire continent and the effects can still be seen today. What if Europe never colonized Africa? What if the scramble for Africa never happened? Here is a scenario.

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38 thoughts on “What if Africa was never colonized?”

  1. leopold did not take congo, he was granted it, at the berlin conference, do you history brah
    it was the perfect compromise for the great powers, and it was meant to be a free trade zone for all of them, though it wasn't

  2. Not trying to be rude here…. But this alternative history was not well constructed. I speculate that your knowledge of pre-colonial Africa and it's civilizations is not at an intermediate level to provide a realistic hypothetical here. Not including colonial era histories.

    I do not even think you realize when you're doing it due to habit. You're showing your cultural bias due to a lack of information on your part. Most people in the West have little knowledge or proactive research on Africa.

    This was a poorly constructed alternative history. This could be re-made after homework is done.

  3. I'm sorry but this video is heavily flawed, many of Africa's many kingdoms, nation's, cities or architectural marvel's were mentioned and the conclusion does not reflect the thousands of years of African history.

    I'm not Afrocentric or anything, I'm just saying this video's scenario doesn't seem well researched or supported by historical events.

  4. You completely TRASHED this continent and it's RICH history and civilizations. And then say oh they would still be uneducated tribal societies. But you spoke about Native Americans as if they are angels on earth. The level of disrespect is bold

  5. I don’t mean to sound Afrocentric or anything but like I feel like your kinda ignoring Africa’s kingdoms you know, the Mali empire is just ONE like mansa musa was like the richest or at least one of the richest people in the history of man but you kinda make it seem like ALL of them were just villagers you know

  6. In this new timeline…Maybe Africa would have found a key factor that would have lead to its development..Just as how European development resulted from industrial revolution,African development would have resulted from a similar or very different type of revolution…just a thought

  7. I kinda have to disagree their where alot of nations who were equal generally compared to the European empires like ethiopia Zimbabwe the isle of solamia ashanti and Nigeria were still well and I bet islam and mainly middle easterner would get most the land since their religion spread wide and where more forgiving in terms of worshipping other religions Zimbabwe would mainly control the south due to their great stone kings doms ethiopia would get west sunce their strong military and the wealthiest kingdoms would be coast of Somalia and ashanti kingdom since they had most of the trading the ashanti would be most powerful since they had extremely civilized cities with fully armed military saying it would be a back water countries kinda disingenuous how ever I don't think would be unified untopia just because geography doesn't allow it and Africa has such a diverse sense of cultures it is impossible but they would be well off nations raising from first to third world countries but tho the cold war could ruin that all for how in this time line the cold war decimated africa

  8. Britain and France were ALMOST a temporary unified country during WW2 as the Franco-British Union that would've ended after the war. Cody please do a video about an alternate timeline where that actually happened

  9. “The first thing that the Europeans did was to laugh at the African gods. Then they made the Africans laugh at their own gods.”

    ― Dr. John Henrike Clark

    God never intended his Children to kill and enslave each other. The time to respect people as human beings or God's children is now, and not when they become educated and their country becomes developed. Colonization was the largest mass violation of human rights that ever took place and I do not think it is what God intended.

  10. simple ,Africa is richer than now and when there was no colonization either China or India are the Superpowers , and there is no United States and the Europe is going to have a huge population.Especially the Third World countries are no more "those countries "

  11. What if Humans never Migrated? (What if Europeans never went to Africa, Africans never went to Americas, etc.) What if we never left our native lands and left other races alone?

  12. I like to think that they still are behind The Roman Empire in civilized and tech ways. Not counting the stuff other countries gave them but their own innovations.

  13. this whole video doesn't make since and your scenarios at the end don't make even more since. the ancient history of Africa is much like Europe and Asia and even better (less blood). Africa is ruined in the modern age because AND JUST BECAUSE Colonization.

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