What if American slavery never existed? 2

What if American slavery never existed?

What if American slavery never existed? 3

What if American slavery never existed? 4

The Atlantic slave trade has changed the demography of the world forever and connected three continents. The act of slavery itself was so terrible that its effects are still visible today. How could things look in a world where slavery never existed?

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43 thoughts on “What if American slavery never existed?”

  1. Perhaps I'm missing something, but didn't Africans and Arabs invade Spain and Portugal beginning in 711AD? How could they Africans have been an unknown to Europeans?

    Also, ancient Greeks visited Africa, and African is the place from which the the Roman Empire rose.and fell.

    Again, perhaps I missed something in your presentation.

  2. Considering the founding fathers were mostly wealthy from slavery and land speculation, we might not have even had this quite enlightened group at the helm. I know, ironic to say they are enlightened while still having slaves. Maybe they would have been even more enlightened if their livelihood did not depend on slaves. But then again, they may have exploited workers like good capitalists.

    I guess one could argue that if there were no slaves here, there would be the equivalent in exploited labor, indentured servants etc. I mean, a lot of people came here to work hard for little pay without slavery.

  3. ooo I know this is late to the party but maybe you could consider this: Since colonization in the Americas is so slow, a snail's pace you may say, there would be some odd opportunities of asian nations to colonize the west coast. Say manifest destiny doesn't happen until AFTER industrialization of say, china. It's not unheard of that china would know about the new world and possibly explore the aluetian islands and find the coal that is there, and use that as an incentive to colonize alaska. Maybe the imperial Japan also turns into a colonial nation knowing there are only natives there.

  4. I think if you want to know what America would be like without slavery, look to China or Japan because they’re mostly homogenous countries. There are still racial and ethnic tensions in those countries historically, so I doubt racism will ever not exist. People always find something to divide each other on.

  5. 11:20 “in medieval times blacks were mystical species that couldn’t be Christian” lol this guy is a terrible historian. One of the very First Nations to convert to Christianity as its national religion was in Africa. Hundreds of years before Northern Europeans Britain, Scandinavia, and Germanic tribes converted to Christianity,
    In (341A.D) Ethiopia had made Christianity its national religion.

    The Kingdom of Aksum was one of the first nations to officially accept Christianity, when St. Frumentius of Tyre, called Fremnatos or Abba Selama ("Father of Peace") in Ethiopia, converted King Ezana during the 4th century AD. Many believe that the Gospel had entered Ethiopia even earlier, with the royal official described as being baptised by Philip the Evangelist in chapter eight of the Acts of the Apostles (Acts 8:26–39). Orthodox Christianity has a long history in Ethiopia dating back to the 1st century, and is dominant in northern and central Ethiopia.]

    AFRICANS were practicing Christianity and the teachings of Christ for hundreds of years while Northern Europeans were praying to THOR and all their other heathenish pagan gods, Britain did not convert to Christianity until 7th-8th centuries, Germanic people converted around the 6th century, and Scandinavian countries did not convert Until 11th-12th centuries so how do white people have the right to hijack a religion that isn’t even their own religion and then have the right to say who can and cannot be Christian. And I don’t think that they did I think this narrator was giving us his opinions of what the white people at the times thought as facts and that’s why he never not once cited anything in his video bc it’s mostly from his opinions and interpretations ..

  6. Most of the African slave trade went toward South America. Somehow, I a white guy whose mothers side of the family was still in three separate European countries during the Civil War am completely responsible for it.

  7. You mention that there wouldn't be sizable minorities in the Americas, at least not large enough to bring questions about race into the picture. What about Native Americans? Say there were an Irish Catholic living in a British-controlled part of the Americas. Wouldn't he be an ethnic and religious minority?

  8. European Slavery and Indentured Servitude would be prevalent. Prior to African slavery Europeans were the majority of the enslaved workforce in the Americas Most of them were convicted criminals who were deported to the European colonies for indentured servitude (which would last almost lifetime)

    Also, racism would not been prevalent in the Americas. Slavery was a justification for racism, so without it racism wouldn't really be existential in the USA

  9. From the wise man : I have seen people of their own family of race that you all called whites but we call that race caucasian, fight to the bloody raw meat of the flesh in the nineteen sixties that the blood and hair was exposed and the down and dirty mouth of cursing one another out as if they was from hell it self and they hit one another what every thing that they could get their hands on to try to brake their bones that the family fault as enemies toward one a nother and some this day can not stand one another this day that some back in the day of the nineteen sixties have laid hold of knifes and weapons against one another as of the tormenting of a unclean spirit that can get a hold of person or a people and have them to tare their clothes off and do thing that many have not seen this day unless they know what I am talking about, some of the things people deal with can lead to a multi curse and this is not just by one race of people but of all race and hell it self try to get more people in to hell I have seen that the mouth it self can loose the taste for food and sleep become sleepless!

  10. The impact on the World as a whole is hard to wrap my brain around. The cultural differences world wide would be unimaginable. No Jazz, Blues, Rock and Roll, R&B, Pop and Hip music rising up in America? Not to mention the sports scenes and how they change?!?! Our Country would be COMPLETELY different.

  11. I think colonial empires would still have interactions with west africa, as one of the reasons they settled the west african coast and eventually traded slaves was because they knew the north african had gold and that they went south to get gold. Africa would still have been colonized even if the africans never got enslaved.

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